Frequent Questions

What type of bands do we have? 

Nash Central has a Marching Band, Wind Ensemble and a Jazz Band!

What is Marching Band? 

This course is designed for students to further grow as musicians while developing knowledge in marching band. Students will learn to perform music while moving in various formations. Students will be required to participate in a varied amount of performances including competitions, football games, and parades. All performances for marching band are mandatory. Marching band is a heavily performance-based ensemble, and the band is very busy in the late summer and into the fall.

What is Wind Ensemble?

This course is designed to further growth as a musician while developing knowledge in Wind Ensemble. Students will learn to perform classical band music in woodwind/brass/percussion ensembles and in a standard concert band format. Students will also learn by listening and analyzing recordings as well as learning basic music theory.

What is Band Camp?

The students must participate in Marching Band Camp throughout the summer. Students will spend time at these camps working on basic musicianship and marching techniques. Some camps may be a few hours and some may be a full day. Camps are held on the NCHS campus. 

Is Marching Band expensive? 

No. There is a fee, but it’s much less at our school than at other band programs across the state. Payment plans are available if needed. We never want money to be the only reason a student is unable to participate in our group, so we allow fundraising opportunities for students to help cover that cost. Talk to us if there’s a problem.

Can I participate in marching band and play sports?

Yes! Many sports take place in the winter or spring and do not conflict with our schedule at all. If you participate in a fall sport, tell Mr. Minster who your coach is and he’ll meet with them to work something out. You’re still responsible for learning everything we covered while you weren’t here, so it is extra work for you, but we have had people successfully do that in the past.

What is a Drum Major?

The drum major is the leader of the marching band during rehearsals and in performance. Their job is to carry out the instructions of the band director regarding what needs to be done with the band.

What is MPA?

MPA stands for Music Performance Adjudication. This a yearly event hosted at an area school. For this event, the entire NCHS Wind Ensemble performs in a concert band setting. Performing three prepared music pieces and one sightreading piece in front of a judge's pannel. 

What are All-District Band Auditions?

All-District Band is an individual audition opportunity for band students. Students individually prepare a selected music piece based on their instrument, along with the required scales. In January students have the opportunity to audition in front of judges sight reading a music piece along with performing their solo and scales. Students who score high enough will have to opportunity to attend the All-District band clinic and perform with the North Carolina Eastern District Honors Band. Top students in their instrument category will have the chance to audition for the All-State Honors Band.

Audition Groups are based on grade, including a 9/10 band and an 11/12 band. 


Contact  Mr.Minster at for more information.